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Model: RS266
STAPLES RAPID 26/6 20 sheets 6mm Desktops/K1 (5000pcs)..
ex GST$9.26
Model: RS266S
STAPLES RAPID 26/6 Strong 30 sheets 6mm Desktops/K1..
ex GST$8.29
Model: RS268
STAPLES RAPID 26/8+ 50 sheets 8mm K1/K2/S50/S60..
ex GST$20.13
Model: RS1365
STAPLES RAPID 13/6 Fine wire 6mm Tackers..
ex GST$26.73
Model: RS2310
STAPLES RAPID 23/10 40-70 sheets 10mm LEDAH 1143..
ex GST$8.23
Model: RS7312
STAPLES RAPID 73/12 40-70 sheets 12mm Plier HD31..
ex GST$53.06
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